New Horizon


In the offices at Proclaim Trust, a picture sits just above my desk called New Horizons by Debra Stroud. The same picture was above my desk when I last worked at the Trust for Barry for four years. Recently, I came back and I must say it’s great to be part of the team again.

On my first day back, I helped move things into the new office space. While everything was being put in its place, I specifically asked for this picture to be hung above my desk again. Why? Well, let me tell you.

When I last worked there, I looked up from my desk one day and felt God speaking to me through this picture, saying that I was about to see a new horizon. At that time, some big changes were happening in my life. I felt sure that I was about to enter a brand-new season of my life—a new horizon.

This new season brought many changes, and some were quite difficult. When you think about a horizon, you usually picture a clear image of a line in the distance where the land meets the sky. Sometimes though, circumstances occur in our lives that are like tall buildings blocking our view and hiding the new horizon. For me, those tall buildings were fear, frustration, impatience and self-doubt, which was the tallest one blocking my view.

To see the horizon clearly, you need to be out in a spacious place. When I felt God speak to me through that picture, I expected to step out into that spacious place and enjoy the beautiful view of a new horizon in my life. However, in truth I only caught glimpses of it between the tall buildings, but there were also times when I stood in awe of what God was showing me. Yes, I was seeing a new horizon, and it was definitely different. It was an adventure of ups and downs, but also a huge space of growth and acceptance. I am thankful for that season, and I am even more thankful that God was right by my side through it all. He helped me pull down those tall buildings one by one.

Today, when I look at that picture, I smile because I know I’m entering another new season. This time, the horizon is much clearer because those tall buildings no longer block my view. “He has brought me into a spacious place, he rescued me because he delighted in me” 2 Samuel 22:20.

At the start of this new year, is it time for a new season for you? Don’t allow the tall buildings in your life to block your view of the new horizon that God may have in store for you.


Adelle Howells became a Christian at our first Fixed conference in 2013. Adelle is a Care Worker and also works part-time as our Operations Assistant. 

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