Fingerprints: Storing Your Prints on (God's) Record

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At a crime scene, the police check for fingerprints – and then they search for a match with any of the fingerprints they already have on record. See, the police have a database that stores the fingerprints of every person who has ever been arrested on suspicion of a crime.

The police keep these fingerprints on record.

Did you know that God also has a database?

The Bible calls it, ‘the Book of Life’.

This Book is God’s database. It stores the fingerprints of all the people who have given Him consent to enter into their lives.

See, 2000 years ago, 2000 miles away, God became a man. His name is Jesus. Jesus is God with skin on. He came into this world and was tempted, but He resisted. Then, at the age of 33, He allowed Himself to be nailed to a cross, paying the price for your faults and failures!

And when you open the door of your life and give Him consent to come in, He gives you a brand-new start!!

He then takes your fingerprints and keeps them on record.

In late 2014, I was travelling down to London for a speaking engagement. I set out in the early hours of the morning and stopped just over halfway at a service station on the M1 for coffee. I pulled into the car park, got out, and realised that I'd left my wallet on the passenger seat.

When I went to open the door, I discovered that it was locked! I'm not sure how this happened, but I had locked myself out of my car. 'Oh no, what am I going to do?' My wallet was locked inside – and to make things worse, my phone was in the phone holder in my car!!

My first reaction was to look for the nearest brick so I could break in!! I then remembered that I'm a member of the RAC – I didn't have to break in. I rubbed down my pockets and found a 50p piece. 'Great.' I went inside the service station and called the RAC. Their man arrived one hour later.

I said to him. 'I've locked my keys in my car.' 'Don't worry, I'll be in in no time', he replied. I said, 'I bet you've done this a few times before, haven't you?' 'Just a few.’ He handed me a clipboard and said, 'I need you to sign here on the dotted line because I need your permission to gain access to your car.' 'Okay,' I said. Then I thought, 'He'll probably do a better job than me.'

He went to his van and produced a narrow metre-long bag. He laid it on the roof of my car. He unzipped it and pulled out a long, thin piece of wire and a small device with a little round hand pump attached. Then, he pulled out two thin, plastic wedges. I was right; he had done this before. This guy was a real pro. Not a brick in sight.

He put one of the wedges at the top corner of the driver's side door and tapped it into place, creating a small gap. Then he put in a slightly bigger wedge and tapped that, creating an even bigger gap. Next, he inserted the device and began to pump it. After making the gap larger, he slipped the long piece of wire through and used it to reach for my keys in the ignition. After several attempts, he freed the keys and pulled them out through the corner of the door.

I watched with interest and thought, ‘If only I’d have known that when I was a criminal, I’d have made a fortune! I could have funded my habit with it!’ (So much better than using a centerpunch – anyone know what I'm talking about?)

And then I thought, ‘This is like us and God.’ See, in a way, we’re like a car. God is on the outside, and He wants to come in. He wants to gain access. But He’ll never try and force His way in. He’ll never use a brick to break in. He’ll never try to force open the door. He won’t use a wedge and a pump to get in, but He will ask for your permission – just like the RAC man. He’ll ask that you sign your name on the dotted line. See, He needs your consent.

And when you give God your consent, He comes in through the door. Then He takes your fingerprints and keeps them on record.

What about you? Have you given God your consent to come in? Have you signed your name on the dotted line? I know some of you have but I also know that some of you reading this haven't. Listen: God wants to be a part of your life. He wants to add your fingerprints to His database. He wants to store your fingerprints on record. But He gives you a choice. The choice is yours.

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