Film Footage of Life

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Recently, I was out driving in Manchester. I was driving on the inside lane and a car came alongside me in the outside lane. I looked across and noticed that he had a camera attached to his dash and was filming the journey in front of him. Of course, I’ve seen people using CTV in their cars before but my instant thought was, 'Is that a plain-clothes police car?' I put my brakes on, even though I was only doing 30, just in case I was going too fast. So now I'm travelling at 20 miles an hour and thinking, 'What mistakes have I made? What could have he caught on camera?’ 

I then realised that it was an old car. A very old car. And the police don't usually drive old cars. They tend to use cars that are fast enough to catch someone in a chase. But this car was so old that it couldn’t catch a push bike. It wasn't the police... Phew. Then I thought, 'Bizarre. Why would anybody want to film their journey?’ I know that it would help in an accident, but unless he has lots of accidents, it's a bit extreme.

And then I thought, 'Imagine if we all filmed our own lives’ journeys. I wonder what mistakes would be caught on camera? A few wrong turns maybe? Driving down a one-way street? Maybe running a red light? Causing a crash or two?’ 

I don’t know about you, but I dread to think about what the film footage of my life would look like. I've made so many mistakes. I've taken every wrong turn in the book. I drove down so many one-way streets. And I've caused more crashes than I can remember. 

The amazing thing is that with God, it doesn’t doesnt matter what mistakes we've made. It doesn't matter what's been caught on camera. See, when we sincerely ask God to forgive us, He reaches for the camera and presses ‘Delete’ and He deletes all the film footage!

There’s a guy named David who was around in Bible times. The film footage of his life was disastrous. And then he asked God for forgiveness. David then said, speaking from his own experience, ‘As far as the east is from the west, so far does He remove our transgressions from us’.

See, God deletes the footage!

What about you. What's your film footage like? Have you taken a few wrong turns? Have you drove down a few one-way-streets or caused a crash or two?  Listen. It doesn’t matter what mistakes have been caught on your camera because God can delete the film footage! Years ago, He did it for David – and more recently, He did it for me.

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